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How to have a Money Mindset

A talk by Caren Fern
Coach, The Money Mindset Academy

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How to Have a Money Mindset This might sound a bit strange to you, but I didn't even know what Mindset was, let alone could begin to explain it to anyone. Overtime, I got compliments and also insults about how I operated as a child/person. One of my best and worst strengths is to keep a stone face while people get mad at me; while this is happening I’m processing different answers along with outcomes I want. This sometimes makes people think I’m cold.

What I didn’t realize at the time, was that I was training my mind. I learn to slow down my breathing to gain answers more quickly. I also thought to myself how to defuse situations to get the outcome I wanted.

The other thing I did was take mental notes, then put them down on paper as soon as I could. I kept adding and returning to them frequently when some of the same problems came up again. Over time I realized I could solve almost any problem I faced by listening to my innermost thoughts. If I sit still, visually get back into the conversation without blaming anyone I could clearly see --- Wrong/Right all the points of views.

Why am I telling you all of this, well this is what partly leads to Money flow. How to set yourself up to earn a great income and possible in the long run have Money work for you.

Let's get right into working on Your Money, and some of the stories you’ve been telling yourself (little lies) No one will pay you that amount/I have to sell for less, ETC. Now since this is about cleaning and our companies, get ready for the journey, because it is. Here’s a few questions for you to answer to get you started.

1) Why do you want to start this business?

2) What kind of income do you want to earn?

3) What are you willing to give up, to get what you want?

4) How soon do you want it?

5) Cleaning or Running the biz, what is most important to you?

6) Do you know what to do once you are paid?

Why am I qualified to tell you all of this, I’m a Money Mindset Coach aside from owning my cleaning company. It wasn’t always this way, so here I a little bit about my personal story. I was nine years old when I lost my bus-tickets (was living with my grandmother) I told her I she said I could either eat or walk (mind you it was 10 tickets that was stolen) so a week worth. What I didn’t realize, was that it took me 2 and a half hours to walk to school. I will not lie, I cried all the way, was late, and had to do it on the way back as well. For three weeks I walked back and forth, and I kept praying and asking to show me away to earn some Money to buy my tickets.

When the answer did come it was such a soft whisper, like a light breeze (light bulb moment) but if I wasn’t paying attention I would have missed it. I was eating an orange, and a friend of mine asked for some, I give her a few segments, she wanted more, I told her she had to pay, she did, and so I began my business journey. Yes I owe my journey to a thief ha, ha, but tell people is what you do with an opportunity when presented itself that either one way or the other, we get to decide, we get to choose.

I work on not staying bitter, angry, sad, this is what I’d like to leave with you. Let your journey be your teacher, don’t hate it, ask for help when you need it. Cry as it’s just a form of release, forgive yourself often, and comfort your younger self when he/she needs it. This is very important for your future self, as your business is an extension of you, and you want you and your future business to do really well.



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Caren Fern

Caren has been the coach and teacher of multiple business owners on their journey. She helps entrepreneurs release emotional baggage linked to money so that they can live healthy, balanced lives, attract premium clients and run profitable businesses.

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