Stephanie Pipkin

Stephanie Pipkin

Systems & Growth Fanatic- 26 years old with a 1.2 million dollar per year cleaning business in rural Wisconsin in just 3 years

Serene Clean

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Stephanie Pipkin is the owner and founder of Serene Clean, the highest rated and most reviewed cleaning company in Western Wisconsin. Serene Clean is just 3 years old and located in rural Wisconsin and has grown to a $1,200,000 per year company in that time. Stephanie absolutely loves helping other cleaning companies grow and get owners out of the field and running their business with as much time freedom as possible. She is happy to answer ANY questions you have- email over your questions to

Last year's summit talk- highly recommend watching this, tons of valuable and practical information!

Last year at the time of recording the above summit talk, Serene Clean was at $800,000 per year- Serene Clean has continued to implement the systems and methods detailed in last year's summit talk to grow to the $1,200,000 per year mark at the time of this recording. This year's talk will expand on what is working and what has been added to keep this growth moving! 

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