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Mike Campion

Mike Campion

Podcast Host, Coach to the Cleaning Stars & General Decent Human
Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast

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Mike bought his first company Servicemaster Commercial Cleaning 25 years ago and was welcomed to the cleaning industry by all his employees quitting on the first day. 

He went on to rebuild the company to a team of 30, and spent the next couple of decades buying, building and selling several multi million dollar businesses. 

More importantly, he and his team have spent the last 7 years exclusively helping owners of cleaning companies make more, work less and take charge of their businesses & lives. 

Author of “I’m a Freaking Genius, WHY is This Business so HARD?”, and "Million Dollar Service Business Secrets" Mike is also creator of the Clean Profit Method, and host of more than 800 episodes of the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast. 

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