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Mike Callahan

Mike Callahan


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The story behind SimpleGrowth started 25 years ago when Owner and President Mike Callahan began pushing a lawn mower around his parents neighborhood in order to pay car insurance. Quickly evolving from a way to make a few extra bucks into a full time business, Mike made the decision to become self-employed. Seeking knowledge from school and like-minded entrepreneurs who had come before him, Mike learned a lot about starting a business. Unfortunately, no one taught him the importance of a business that did not rely solely on the owner in every aspect, a lesson he would soon learn.

Working to grow his business by putting in over 100 hours a week soon began to take a toll on his personal life. It wasn’t until his divorce that Mike truly hit rock bottom, forcing him to examine his life and career. It became obvious that a business that relied solely on him to manage had exacted an unacceptable price. He began to sort through all of the pain points he felt slave to and automated them one-by-one: sales, employment, repetitive tasks, and asset management. Through the use of automation, Mike got back his life. He now strives to help other business owners to avoid common pitfalls and use automation to create a better work/life balance.

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