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Ken Carfagno

Ken Carfagno

Ken began his career as a mechanical engineer for GE from 2000-2005, but engineering wasn't his calling. Ken built and optimized his first solo cleaning business in Upstate New York to $55,000 profit per year on 2 cleaning days per week from 2005-2018 while raising all 5 kids with his wife Teresa. In 2018, the Carfagnos sold their family cleaning business for $80,000 and moved back home to the Philadelphia Area. Ken built a second optimized solo cleaning business from 2018 - 2020 to $70,000 profit per year on 2 cleaning days per week. During this time, he launched the Smart Cleaning School Podcast, which was voted the #2 podcast in our industry by FeedSpot. Ken leads 3 membership groups through the Smart Cleaning School to help all levels of cleaning service owners achieve their goals. But the adventure is not over. The Carfagnos are pursuing time, money, and location freedom in 2021. They have a home booked in Florida in February as part of their Big Dream. Thus, the 16-year solo cleaning veteran MUST now scale and delegate the family cleaning company to enjoy their first major level of freedom.

Owner & Founder
Smart Cleaning School

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Ken is a loving husband and proud father of 5. He is a former mechanical engineer who found his calling in the cleaning industry.

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