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Jamie Reader

Jamie Reader

CBF Coach
Dust and Mop

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My name is Jamie Reader, I have owned and operated Dust and Mop for over 12 years. I have operated a Million Dollar+ cleaning business for almost 9 years. That is a lot of experience. Training is my favorite topic! I love training systems and finding the root cause of service failures. In addition to being a local business owner, I am also a Cleaning Business Fundamentals (CBF) coach to other house cleaning business owners across the United States. Helping other business owners grow a successful and rewarding business is a fulfilling experience.

I am originally from Syracuse, NY, and I moved to North Carolina in 1996 and graduated from North Carolina State University’s College of Management. I am a single mom, I have a son, Nate and my partner (in life), Mark, who is my foundation and my best friend.

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