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Denai Wolfe

Denai Wolfe

Virtual CFO, Financial Clarity Coach and Profit Strategist
The Chic CFO

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Denai Wolfe is a Virtual CFO, Financial Clarity Coach and Profit Strategist. She works with big thinking cleaning industry entrepreneurs to help them increase their profits by designing and implementing financial structure and systems. Denai understands entrepreneurs because she is one. In a past life she owned a photography business and two restaurant franchises. Running these businesses was where she learned the power of knowing your numbers. 

She became so passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to take control of their numbers that she volunteered at her local women’s business center in Wilmington, DE to educate female entrepreneurs on financial literacy. The more students she got in front of the more requests she received for consults and so The Chic CFO was born.

Denai believes that bigger profits equal a better life not just for you and your family but for your team and customers as well. She follows one golden rule when it comes to business – if it doesn’t make money it doesn’t make sense. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs understand their financials and utilize the data to make operational improvements that will scale their company to the next level! 

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