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Chantelle Voss

Chantelle Voss

Generates $2 Million per year in referral business using Facebook groups! Created to help small business owners generate leads and sales.

Co-Founder/CEO, LLC

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About this Speaker

Chantelle Voss is a SaaS entrepreneur who has a knack for seeing trends and creating software solutions for those trends. 

After founding several tech companies, Chantelle saw another trend emerging and wondered if she could use the power of Facebook groups to serve the people in her own community. She and her partner created a Facebook group called Thrive Communities.  The purpose of the group is to negotiate volume discounts for home services (solar panels, flooring, carpet cleaning) from local professionals. Home service pros love the concept because we help secure a large volume of customers who are ready to buy. Our group members love us because we save them time and money. In a few short months, the FB group had thousands of members who purchased more than $500K of home services the first year.  Each year thereafter this group purchases more than $2 million in home services.

The success of her own Facebook group and her experience as a member in more than 300 different groups underscored a problem that begged a solution. Chantelle was spending far too much time on social media and needed a way to laser-target relevant conversations? Enter, is her most exciting project to date. She believes the creation of a software like Carli will positively change the way people interact on social media platforms. No more infinite “death scrolls” or hours of wasted time. Carli will empower social media users to engage in timely, hyper-relevant conversations using keywords to filter online conversations.

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